Your Actions Never Lie

shutterstock_723617201-300x300We tell ourselves all kinds of things about the way we are. Our perceptions of ourselves may be, “I am all about such and such,” or, “I care so much about so and so.” But what do your actions say about it?  Adyashanti, in his book and course, The Way of Liberation, (link) points out that your actions will tell you the truth of the matter. What you do is the perfect mirror of what is important to you.

So taking this approach involves observing your actions and then noting what they say about you- without judging yourself. If you are willing to look honestly, your actions will likely expose that some things that are different than your perceptions of yourself. This inevitably creates conflict. This type of conflict is generally not pleasant- which is why we were dishonest with ourselves to start with.

An example might be, “I tell myself that my nephew and niece were so important to me, but yet I do not call them on a regular basis.”

Or, “I told myself that having a relationship is not a big deal right now, yet I base many of my decisions about how I spend my free time on this.”

Adyashanti suggests that you simply observe it. It is similar to observing your mind thinking about something while meditating. The observation of it shifts your awareness.

The gift to you is the resolution of the conflict and disunity in yourself. Typically, either the perception or actions change. So in our examples, I may decide to call my nephew and niece more often (change my actions). And, I may admit that a relationship is important to me (change my perception).

Either way, you have aligned your perceptions and actions. The integrity and self-respect you gain from this unity will create inestimable peace.

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