You are where you are- because that's where you choose to be

Carl Jung said, "You are where you are, doing what you are doing- because that's where you choose to be." We may find ourselves broke, overweight, single, stuck in a relationship, or unhappy at work. We tell ourselves that we want to be elsewhere, but something is preventing us from being there.

But we created our present situation. And as unhappy as we say we are, there is evidently something comfortable about where we are- or else we would be somewhere else.

There are payoffs to staying where we are at. Payoffs include: comfort, acceptance, a sense of security, not having to risk, not having to feel, and ultimately not having to challenge our fear- mostly our fear of the unknown. If we stay the way we are, life is predictable. We know if we do this- it leads to that. If we change and something different, we do not know what it will lead to. This fear of the unknown is the core of staying in our comfort zone.

People say, "But I don't know how to create something else." That may be true. But if you truly wanted to create something new, you would learn. You would find a vehicle to take you there. There is a Buddhist proverb, "When the student is ready the master (teacher) will appear." If we are truly seeking, we will draw the means or the vehicle to us. And then when it arrives, we will open to it and teachable.

So the first step of creating something new is taking responsibility for where you are at. It is saying, "Where I am at is a product of the choices that I have made."

And then asking yourself, "Where do I really want to be?" And, "Am I ready to do whatever it takes to get there?"

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