What is your dream for humankind?

This blog is re-posted from January 17, 2011: Martin Luther King, Jr had a dream. Not for just himself- but for his people, and ultimately for humankind.

All dreams are awesome and powerful. Personal dreams for your life are essential to creating the life that you want. You deserve that and owe it to yourself. But on Martin Luther King Day, it is day to get outside yourself and reach beyond your personal dreams.

So... What is your dream for humankind? What is your dream for your people? How would you like to see the world change in your lifetime? How can you be part of that change?

My dream is for us to create a more collaborative way of life. That we work together to support and uplift each other. Not only is it natural for us to do this for each other, but I think we will ultimately need to in order to survive. The economy and the world's challenges are forcing us to collaborate. We can do it willingly- or on our hands and knees.

So back to your dream for humankind. Focus on it today. Meditate on it. Offer a prayer for humankind. Share it with a friend. Respond to this blog. But, put it out there one way or another. Don't keep it to yourself. It needs to interact with other people and other dreams. This will allow it to unfold itself.

Dreams, after all, are the most powerful thing on the planet.

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