The End of Fear-mongering

shutterstock_93867535-cropMarketing and politics learned a long time ago that fear is the most effective way to influence people. Fear-mongering is implying that something terrible will happen if you do not do what they are suggesting. Emotionally, it is like holding your health, safety, or well-being hostage.

At some point, we may want to consider not being manipulated through our fear. Marketers and politicians will go with what works. If we stop responding to their fear tactics, they will be forced to appeal to us in other ways.

The other day I was on-line watching an educational video about pro-biotics. But then they started telling me the terrible things that would happen to me if I did not use their product. I immediately clicked it off. I decided if people are going to sell me things, they will have to tell me how it will improve my life- not how my life will be destroyed if I do not do what they say. Enough already.

But often it is not so obvious. Sometimes we are persuaded by fear without even being aware of it.

So it may be beneficial to be aware of how you are being influenced. Then you can make an informed decision for yourself. If you find yourself reacting, there is chance fear is involved. Or if you feel yourself desperately wanting to take action, chances are, fear is somewhere in the equation.

At some point we have to liberate ourselves by moving beyond being controlled by fear. It is us- the consumer, the citizen, or the employee that will ultimately decide this. We hold the power.

Because when one party stops playing the game, the game is over.

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恋っていぅほど素晴らしく無いんで。 えぇ

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