Stop apologizing for yourself

What if there was nothing wrong with you? Only that you believe there is something wrong with you. Your human qualities are what distinguish you from other people. Why would you apologize for them?

If other people have issues with you, they are, after all, their issues. Not to say that you may not want to change something about yourself- but do it on your terms. Not because somebody else would prefer that you did- so they could be more comfortable.

We are trained that way. If something is wrong, it must be someone's fault. And some of us are in the habit to take the blame. It often goes back to a role we took in our family of origin. But that was when we were young and needed to do so to feel loved. At this point it may be a habit that no longer serves you.

And there are many that love it when you take the blame. Then they do not have to be accountable to themselves. Enabling someone like this takes away their opportunity to learn the lessons they need to. So whether they are a significant other, family member, or child- do not let them off the hook. It prevents them from developing character and strength. And it gives away your personal power.

Of course like all habits, ceasing to apologize for yourself may require you to get out of your comfort zone. Most worthwhile things do. If you pay attention, you will increase your awareness and start noticing yourself apologizing for yourself. At first you may notice it after you do it. But if you stay with it, you will start to notice right before you are about to apologize for yourself. Then you have the choice to not do it. Why not give it a shot? See what happens.

Besides, maybe you are just perfect for where you are at.

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