See yourself as "part of"

When you are in an experience, do you see yourself as "part of" or "separate from"?  If you see yourself as part of, everything in the experience is available to you. You have a right to be involved- just because you are there.

So no more "being on the outside looking in". The experience in front of you needs you to get involved. I was in the grocery store a while back and this woman was yelling at her son, "How could you be so stupid?"- as I was walking by. I was feeling bold that day and simply said, "Don't say that to him." She said, "That is none of your business. I responded, "You made it my business when you said it in the middle of the bread isle."

I was part of that experience. Why not get involved and play my part? We all survived it. The kid seemed to appreciate it and I walked away feeling good about it. How many times had I just walked on by because I told myself it was none of my business. Then later I felt like I somehow condoned it. It is time to reclaim our sense of community. That Albertson's store is my village. Why wouldn't I say something?

Whether or not you participate in an experience is a by-product of how you see yourself in relation to the experience. I recommend getting in the habit of seeing yourself as a part of every situation that you are in. What do you have to offer it? What is your part of that dance?

Then all of people, possibilities, and resources associated with the experience are available to you. It is only you seeing yourself as being separate that excludes you. Being separate is a story you tell yourself; it is an illusion. You can just as easy choose to see yourself as part of and participate.

So give yourself permission to be a part of. Life is happening right in front of you. Let yourself have some.

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1. Gerri wrote:
Suepbrly illuminating data here, thanks!

Thu, November 3, 2011 @ 8:53 AM

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