See what is available to you

Our self-beliefs dictate what we see as available to us. Many people have difficulty accessing the things they want in their life. Usually, this is a problem of not seeing the things available to them. It is rarely about the resources not being around them.

A friend and I were at a party. I noticed this beautiful woman checking out my friend. I said, "Hey that woman over there likes you." He checked her out, but did nothing. A while later, I saw the same woman showing unmistakable interest in my friend. I asked, "Are you going to go over there and talk to her?" He said, "Oh no, women like that never like me." I said clearly this is not the case. But his mind was made up and he never approached the woman. Later that night he complained about how he never gets a chance to meet women.

This is a dramatic example, but we do this to ourselves all the time. Our belief systems are stories we tell ourselves about who we are in relation to the things around us. My friend's belief systems told him who he was in relation to the beautiful woman. Belief systems are limiting when they take away our ability to see possibility. We all have resources all around that we are not allowing ourselves to see. Even when we do see them, we immediately tell ourselves that they are not for us.

These limiting self-beliefs need to be challenged in order to access the things that we want. You have to believe that the things you want are around you and and available to you. You just have to see them. You have to look beyond your preconceptions and objectively look at everything around you. You have to see things as they are.

Cool things are presenting themselves to you all the time. And they are for you.

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1. Karik wrote:
When you think about it, that's got to be the right awnser.

Wed, January 16, 2013 @ 12:51 PM

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