Reaching out is vital

Saying hi in line at the grocery store. Smiling (warmly). Introducing yourself. Asking someone how their day is going (and meaning it). Asking someone if you can sit with them. Inquisitively asking someone what they think. Noticing what someone is wearing. Inviting someone to join you.

It might startle them a bit. And it might feel a little risky to you. It might make you feel vulnerable. It immediately takes everyone involved out of their comfort zone. It takes energy. Seth Godin calls it "emotional labor" in his book Linchpin. It is not easy. That is why so few people do it. And you have to care. But keep doing it; it is so important.

There so many people that are on the fringe. They are on the outside looking in and waiting for an invitation to be part of what is going on. Reaching out says, "Come on in the water is fine."

Or... someone has walled him or herself off in the perceived safety her/his own little world. Reaching out says, "I see you; you can't hide from me. We need you out here. Come out and play."

What is the worst that can happen? They might ignore you. They might even tell you to mind your own business. Sometimes it is awkward. But don't take it as a rejection. It is about them. You did your job. You reached out. You engaged them. You invited them.

Some would argue reaching out is intrusive. It is your intention that buffers it from intrusiveness. If your intention is to engage them so you can see what is there- it is pure. Risk intruding. Rock their world a bit.

Go go ahead, reach out. Somebody has to. There is a whole world out here to be interacting in.

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1. Imh wrote:
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Sat, March 17, 2012 @ 9:10 AM

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