Let it develop in its own time...

Sometimes when things we are creating are developing, there is a tendency to over do things. Anxiety starts to build because things are not moving fast enough. We may be tempted to push or force things.

We might say, "That's it, I am going to call this person and ask him/her what the hell is going on with this. I have been patient long enough." This of course often sabotages the thing that has been delicately developing. It frightens the people involved. It pushes them away.

New things that we are creating are like delicate young plants. They are vulnerable. It might be a new relationship, a connection, or an opportunity. They develop in their own time. They require gentleness. We have to patiently nurture them.

It is much like the anxiety and excitement of a new relationship or courtship. Rather than letting it develop naturally, we are tempted to consummate it or force it to happen quickly. We feel like just have to know if they really like us or it is going to work.

It is often because we have difficulty managing the fear of the unknown.

So put out your intent. Take action. Send an email. Leave a message. Send a letter of intent. And then- let it sit. Attend to other things. It will come back soon enough. The world is really busy; things take time to develop.

This is a necessary discipline of the new world. Keep putting things out. When something returns to you, attend to it. Take the next step. Write the next chapter. Then send it out again.

If you don't over-stir the stew, before you know it you will have created something truly awesome.

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3. Arda wrote:
I love Michael. He tells it how it is.I'd like to see a meeting of the minds bweeten Michael and Momo's son. Now THAT would be entertaining! (MD) Ho, boy. Nobody would come out unscathed with that duo.

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