Judgement is projecting our fear onto others

Other people do the darndest things. Often what they do makes absolutely no sense to us. But it does to them. In fact, the world may look vastly different to them than it does to you. We tend to judge others when they do things differently than we do. Judgement always causes separation. When you break it down, when we judge someone- we are condemning them.

So why is someone else doing something differently so threatening to us, anyway? Is it that we created rules to manage our life (and our fears), and become frightened when someone breaks one of our rules? Afraid of what is going to happen. The outcome is unknown and we may not be able to control it (fear of the unknown). Plus, it might cause us to have have to reevaluate our rules- and that could be scary.

Besides, if we truly believed in our way of doing things, we would not take issue with someone doing something differently. But we figure if we can get someone else to believe it, maybe we can believe it ourselves.

But either way, working our judgment out via others is an intrusive and destructive way to address what is ultimately our issue. Judgement is taking our stuff and projecting it onto someone else. Not cool.

So next time you observe yourself judging someone, why not go directly to the source- you. Resist tearing someone down and see it as an opportunity to look at yourself. Why does their view, comment, or behavior bother you? What are you afraid of?

Then you can celebrate the way they do it- and learn from it. Different can be good. Diversity always makes us stronger.

After all, they are just folks trying to find a way through life. At least you have that in common.

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