How human of you

Observe yourself. Take a day to observe the way you respond to people and various things. Observe your thoughts and your feelings. It takes some courage to take an honest look. And then totally accept everything that you observe about yourself. Don't analyze it or put it in a box. Take away the, "I shouldn't think that" (because you just did).

Take a deep breath and celebrate your humanity. It is you- uncensored. You might observe yourself: being defensive; being irreverent; getting your feelings hurt over something seemingly silly; checking out someone's butt; thinking about how you have lost respect for someone, or making a snide comment to yourself about someone that is wasting your time with their mindless drivel. How human of you.

There may be some dark things. You may notice some anger, bitterness, jealousy, judgement, selfishness, or lechery. If you can accept these things as a part of you right now, you have made a huge step toward being free. After all, you have to embrace something about yourself before you can let it go.

Or maybe you are cool just the way you are. People told you it was not OK to be the way you are- they were wrong.

My favorite definition meditation is "receptivity to self" (Bart Anderson). You basically observe your thoughts without getting attached to them. So... practice some meditation as you walk through your day.

There is nothing that icky in there. I guarantee there is some really cool, human stuff. And at least it's real. So let yourself have it.

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