Hear the sound of the gong

The Sudden Enlightenment schools in Buddhism teach that enlightenment happens in a sudden realization of Buddha-nature. Bart Anderson, Zen Master, described that some can sit for years and never experience enlightenment, whereas another can hear the sound of the gong once and find kensho.

I beleive the same to be true with experiences and opportuitties. When we are ready and open to it, an opportunity can present itself and we can step right into it.

Opportunities present themselves to us all the time- but often we do not see them or step into them. They often come to us in a form that we do not recognize. But if we are focused in our intention and open when it presents itself to us, we will recognize the opportunity at our feet. The gong will sound and we will resonate with it.

It's not that opportunities have not been presenting themselves to us all along. It is just that now for whatever reason we are open to it. The time for this particular opportunity in our life has come. The door opens, we see the opportunity, we step into it.

Maybe it's that we passed by enough opportunities and felt the regret of missing our chance. Maybe we are now more serious about our intention and paying more attention to the opportunities that present themselves to us. Or may there is something magical about this particular experience that gets our attention.

Who knows? All that matters is: the gong sounded, we heard it, and a whole new universe opened up to us.

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1. Kris wrote:
I love all of it & it makes me weepy Aho :)

Sun, May 1, 2011 @ 5:35 PM

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