Happy Independence (personal freedom) Day

Now that we have celebrated how the United States freed itself from oppression and tyranny, how can you free yourself from the things that oppress you?

If you are being oppressed as an adult, you are allowing it. There are no victims- only volunteers. It may feel like you are trapped or compromised, but at some level, you are allowing it. I stress this only because it is necessary distinction in order to free yourself.

So what areas of your life are not free? How do you give away your personal power? Are you giving your power to your boss, your mate, your parent, your friend, or your child. Do you let them determine the parameters or rules of engagement for your interactions? Do you allow them to take advantage of you? Absolute power corrupts absolutely- especially when you give it to insecure people. I don't care who they are; they don't deserve it.

Is it because you do not want to rock the boat? Does it feel like the relationship would not be able to survive it? Does your fear tell you standing up for yourself will leave you all alone?

How you you get a monkey off your back? Stand up!

How do you get respect? (No not by giving respect to them- you do that already.) You take it.

It starts with doing some soul-searching and determining how you want your interactions to be. Then you have to work with it long enough to believe you deserve it. This is all before you say a word about it to the people that you are giving your power to. Please do not: "Talk about the relationship." It doesn't work.

Then, only when you are resolute about how you want your interactions to be (your freedom), you set parameters when someone is stepping outside of that. Say, "Don't go there- that is not what this interaction/relationship is about." They can either honor it, or lose the priviledge of interacting with the beauty of your heart. That of course would be sad, but there are people strong enough to honor your independence and self-determination.

So next year when the fireworks are going off, my hope is that you are celebrating your own independence and personal freedom.

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