"Fear builds walls"

"Fear"  and then... "Builds Walls" was projected on the wall at the Rogers Waters performance of The Wall at the Tacoma Dome Saturday night. The Wall was initially performed by Pink Floyd over thirty years ago in Los Angeles. The show was outstanding- see it if at all possible (link to remaining shows).

"Fear builds walls" stuck with me as I drove back from Seattle on Sunday. Whenever we fear something and empower that fear by not challenging it, it inevitably walls something off.

Once you allow a fear to take hold, there is a natural tendency to create a wall between you and that experience, person, or aspect of life. It seems harmless, "I will just avoid that issue, that person, that situation." We may throw some righteous anger in for good measure. But now we have sacrificed some connection to the world. We have limited ourselves. And what happens if we allow numerous fears to build up? I have seen it get to the point where people are totally paralyzed.

So what is the solution? Do not empower your fear. When you feel yourself becoming afraid or backing away from something, challenge it. Force yourself to confront it. Doing this "takes the teeth out" of the fear. You maintain connection with all the aspects of life associated with that experience.

When I asked Bart Anderson, spiritual teacher, why he challenged a set-back that he just had, he said, "Well, I was not about to let it kick my ass." He wanted to make sure there was nothing left behind that would cause him to back away from that aspect of life next time it came around- no karma or unfinished business.

Do not let fear beat you. As Roger Waters vividly pointed out  Saturday night, if you allow fear, it will come back to haunt you. It will cause destruction, inhibition, and oppression- in you, those around you, and in the world.

Because... "All and all, (each fear) is just another brick in the wall."

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1. Dancing Hawk wrote:
Another great post! Thx, Michael!

Tue, December 14, 2010 @ 11:58 AM

2. admin wrote:
Thanks for your comment Eve. You and John should have come with to research this blog.

Tue, December 14, 2010 @ 3:21 PM

3. Verle wrote:
It's really great that peploe are sharing this information.

Thu, November 3, 2011 @ 1:25 PM

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