Are you willing to fail?

Several years ago, Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and numerous books on financial intelligence, was on Oprah speaking about the power of starting your own business. One of the audience members indignantly challenged Robert saying, "What would you say about the fact that one out of ten businesses fail?" Robert said something like, "Well, then I guess I'm gonna have to start ten businesses."

Add to that my all-time favorite TV commercial (you got to check it out- YouTube link) with Michael Jordan saying, "I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed."

Successful people are not afraid to fail. They do not get all neurotic and say, "I started that business and it failed. Shame on me. I will never do that again." They simply learn from it and move on to another opportunity.

Same with relationships. How many people give up after a "failed" relationship? They break up or get a divorce and interpret it as a failure. They say, "I guess love is not meant for me." No... they simply did not possess the necessary skills and awareness, yet. Ironically, the skills and awareness that only come from experience. What kinds of experiences? Failures.

Successful people seem to view it differently. They see failure as a positive thing. They see it as an opportunity to learn and to ultimately succeed. It is business to them- they take risks and realize that some will fail and some will succeed. They do not dwell on failure; they simply move on. They do not let some measly failure deter them from what they are after.

So give it another shot- the next one will likely be a grand slam. After all... what have you got to lose?

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