Are you too available?

How do you invest your most precious resource- your time and energy? Do you determine how your time will be spent or is it determined by responding to the demands and needs of others?  Did you choose to be on the school, church, or neighborhood committee, or did it choose you?

Coworkers, husbands/wives, children, friends, and community members constantly have needs. And they seem to have a "Drop what you're doing, I have something I need from you" mentality. Obviously, there are some people, things, and times that you need to be available to. But is it all the time?

In the process of being available all the time or too available, your dreams and passions do not receive enough focus enough to be developed. They gradually drift away.

Be dynamic instead of passive. Dynamic people prioritize the things they are passionate about. They make time to focus on the things they care about. They train their family, fellow employees, and friends to not interrupt them during these times. The family learns that this is Mommy's time to paint, write, or work on her project. If you have something you need during this time ask Daddy. Employees accept that you are not to be disturbed during your creative, brainstorming time. Or you simply choose to not answer your cell phone (out of obligation) during these times. Some wake up before their family does to have time for their project. It is that important to them.

So do some soul-searching. reconnect with something you are passionate about. Then make time for it. Schedule it in first. Insist that people respect it. Besides, it is a great thing to model for your kids and the people around you.

Otherwise, you become the brunt of an old joke on codependency. "What happens when a passive person (codependent) dies? They see someone else's life flash before their eyes." Don't be that person.

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