Allow Yourself to be Guided

Assume for a moment that there is a part of you that is connected to all of life and knows what is best for you.  And… that it is trying to guide you. All you have to do then is listen to it and allow yourself to be guided.

It is simple as following your curiosity. Or asking the questions that you inquisitively want to know when you are having a conversation. It is letting go of the script and figuring it out as you go. And going with what comes to you- even if it doesn’t make any sense.

Allowing yourself to be guided is, however, 180 degrees apart from how we have been conditioned. We are used to willing what we want to happen by following some formula that we have used for years.

Allowing yourself to be guided still accomplishes tasks. It is how we do it that is different. Say I have to find a new supplier for my business. Allowing myself to be guided involves: getting quiet for a minute, being open to an idea or approach coming to me, and then having the courage to wait for it… and follow it.

(If nothing comes to you, you can always go back to your tried and true formula.)

Creative graphic artists and marketers realized this years ago. You’ve seen design firms in the movies that have a Nerf basketball hoop in the studio. It’s a technique to allow ideas to come to them. They discovered that ideas that come to them are creative, fresh, and original.

So your choice is to will things into existence or to allow yourself to be guided. But if you are not used to the latter, start small. Think about what (actually) sounds good for dinner or what you (really) feel like doing this weekend.

And give it a shot.

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