A Free Choice

shutterstock_103645577cropHow often do you make a free choice? Where you choose the thing you really want. The thing that lies beyond your behavioral patterns and comfort zone. The thing that your belief systems tell you that you is not for you and that you do not deserve.

Most of us do not make free choices very often. Instead, we make the choices we are accustomed to making over an over again- mostly out of habit. We usually do not even allow ourselves to see the other possibilities that are in front of us. We choose our experiences on automatic pilot.

So how do we allow ourselves a free choice? I like the analogy of a party. Say there are thirty people in the room. We typically spend the majority of our evening talking to maybe five people. They are the people we are comfortable with. They tend to find us and we find them.

So to make a free choice, next time, say hi to your comfortable people. But before you settle into spending your evening with them, look at every other person in the room. Observe them and try to sense what they are like. And then ask yourself which of these people would be intriguing to talk to?

And then without thinking about it, go up and introduce yourself to them. Even if they are with a group of people that you are not at all comfortable with. Even if they think you are hitting on them. Even if you can't think of a damn thing to say to them.

Congratulations, you will had just made a free choice. You intentionally chose to talk to someone. You chose something entirely outside of your conditioning and automatic pilot. Your belief systems and fear told you not to, but you did it anyway. You challenged it.

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